Monday, January 18, 2010

Program night

Tonight we made posters about our neighbourhoods and talked about people in our who contribute positively to our community. We also played some games and did some hula-hooping!

Dates to remember:

Jan 25 - We will start working on our Heritage Home Skills Badge. We'll be making butter (and eating it with fresh bread). If you have made jam, jelly, pickles, or other preserves, please let us know.

Feb 1 - Badge Testing. We will also be doing Crochet and Knitting.

Feb 8 - Valentines/Chinese New Year Party. Yes, I know it's early, but it's the closest meeting we have to the 14th! Please remember to bring your food, drink, or decorations, or prepare a game - whatever your Patrol volunteered to do.

Feb 15 - Family Day Holiday. No meeting.

Feb 22 - Thinking Day. We are hosting. Regular meeting place and time, but be prepared for LOTS of people!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Games and Crafts

This week, we had a Games and Crafts night. The third years/grade 6s also had a chance to earn their Campfire Leader badge, and we had a great campfire!

Upcoming Events:

Feb 4-6 - GARAGE SALE. We really need you and your friends, neighbours, and relatives to put aside things to donate to our garage sale. Think of the best garage sale you went to over the summer, and think how nice your house will look without clutter! Reduce, re-use, and re-cycle - donate anything that you don't want that somebody else needs and will love!

And don't forget to tell people to COME to our garage sale - having the best stuff in the world is no good without buyers!

Feb 22 - THINKING DAY. We will be having a group event with the Pathfinders, Rangers, Brownies and Sparks. This will happen during our regular meeting time.

May 15 - RALLY DAY at Ontario Place. Be sure to come for our wonderful 100th anniversary celebration! More details to follow.

We are also going to be receiving our spring cookie order, but the date has not yet been announced. We have ordered 70 cases - one for each girl, and the rest to sell at a group event (blitz). It will be a BLAST, and there will be special crests for all girls who participate!

Monday, January 4, 2010

And the new year's resolution is:

Not to forget to update this blog!

Today we did
the Famous Five Challenge. We learned about the Famous Five and the Persons Case, the women who fought to make women Persons in Canadian law so that they could hold office, be part of the Senate, and never again be denied the opportunity for public office just because they were female.

Thanks to the Famous Five: Nellie McClung, Irene Parlby, Emily Murphy, Henrietta Edwards, and Louise McKinney.

Notes for next week:

Sheppard Division Garage Sale: 1st weekend in February. Please start collecting items that you are willing to donate to the Garage Sale, and please tell all your relatives, friends and neighbours about it! We'd love to have lots and lots of people come out!

Sale to be held on Saturday, Feb 6. More details later!

Cookies: it's time to order cookies for the Spring Cookie Campaign. We'd like to have a blitz in addition to additional cookies to sell. We decided to order 70 cartons, which is two per girl, so that we will have enough to blitz. Watch this space for date and time of the blitz!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Cheesecake Experiment

We made hair ties with ribbons and elastics, and so we all looked very professional when we cooked! We made pumpkin cheesecake filling using pumpkin, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cream cheese and cream. We mixed it up with mixers and then spread it between two pizzelle cookies. Every group decided their own balance of sweet and spicy, and most girls seemed to think it was pretty delicious!

We also practised some of the songs for the campfire.

Upcoming events:

Sleepover on Friday night! If you haven't had a chance to get your forms back, PLEASE either call Captain or bring them on Tuesday night to the Brownie meeting at Arbor Glen. We need to know before Friday!

Sleepover will start at 7 pm. We will not serve dinner, so make sure you eat before you come, but we will be providing a snack. Pickup is 8:45 am. The forms are posted so click on them on the left side menu if you need to see them again.

Next meeting will be on Monday, October 19.

Giant Campfire will be on Wednesday, October 21, at Sunnybrook Park, Leslie and Eglinton. You don't need forms for this because you need to have a parent or other adult with you. Wear your uniform shirt and tie over your jacket or sweater!

Cookie Sale at the Don Mills Subway will be on Thursday, October 22, 4-6 PM at the subway station. Forms for this will be given out on the 19th.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Welcome back to another Guiding year! This year, we have a very big unit, so we are excited to say that we've gotten into our Patrols right away so that we can break into smaller groups to enjoy our activities.

Our new Patrols are:
Patrol leader: Rada
Patrol second: Michelle
Patrol members: Lily, Morvarid, Jacqueline, Angela

Patrol leader: Maddy
Patrol second: Carmen
Patrol members: Nikki, Siham, Ebe, Carol

Patrol leader: Thalia
Patrol second: Chloe
Patrol members: Heidi, Celine, Lois, Mackenzie

Patrol leader: Cindy
Patrol second: Ruby
Patrol members: Sandhiya, Andrea, Boyun, Rasa

Patrol leader: Sonica
Patrol second: Caitlin
Patrol members: Ivy, Cynthia, Sophie, Leah

Patrol leader: Christina
Patrol second: Jasmine
Patrol members: Kitty, Grace, Tiffany, Rishnika

Patrol leaders will be responsible for calling the members of their patrol if there is something that people need to be reminded about before the next meeting.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The last few meetings!

Sorry I've fallen behind with this blog! I'll try to catch up in the next little while.

April 13 -
April 20 -
April 27 - Such a beautiful evening, we went outside and played on the climber. Then we came in and had some indoor games and program work.
May 4 - Another beautiful evening! We did our mothers' day craft outside - we watered our peat pellets, waited for them to grow, and planted flower seeds. Then we put the greenhouse tops on and decorated them with ribbons and bows. We hope the moms like them!

Next meeting: May 11. We're hoping for a visit from some of the Pathfinders. We're also going to be having our last badge testing of the year.

No meeting May 18 (long weekend).

May 25 - Guide Appreciation Night. Final badges and party.
May 26 - Advancement. If you are a 3rd year Guide, you'll be going over the bridge to Pathfinders. If you are a first or second year Guide, you'll be helping to welcome the new Guides coming up from Brownies!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Arab Region crest - April 6

Maps, flags, and music, oh my! We did the Arab Region crest tonight. We did several puzzles, including a world map, found all the Arab Region countries and their flags, made a hat craft from fun foam of one of the region flags, and did some skits about things in the Arab region. We also played a relay game and sang some songs. Well done, girls!

Don't forget there is no meeting next week for Easter Monday.